A Brief Discussion on Several Problems in the Process of Printing and Printing


Printing operators should conduct matching tests on exposure and development before work every day to determine the exposure time, development time, and developer concentration suitable for printing and proofing. Method: First, ensure that the temperature and concentration of the developer meet the development requirements. Then take a small strip of PS plate, put the printing signal strip on it to do exposure test for the signal strip. Before the test, it is necessary to consider that the service objects of the printing plate are different, and the exposure time test should also be adjusted to varying degrees. the

a. Proofing plate: after the exposure and development of the signal strip, the 4-level gray scale is required to be exposed to half a level, and the small dots are exposed to the sun. The 50 dots can be restored basically accurately, and the 80 dots cannot be reduced, and the dot edges are clear and tidy. the

b. Printed version: After exposure and development, the 4-level gray scale of the signal strip needs to be sun-dried for 1 and a half levels, and the dots on the Internet are sun-dried. The restoration of 50 and 80 dots is basically accurate and the edges of the dots are also required to be clear and tidy. The reason why the job requirements for the printing plate and the proofing plate are inconsistent is mainly to solve the difference in mechanical properties between the proofing machine and the printing machine, and to ensure that the printed matter and the proofing sheet basically achieve the same effect in terms of tone, hue, and saturation.