CTP plate cover

Advantages of CTP

CTP technology is increasingly playing its excellent performance and unparalleled role in the industry, mainly in the following aspects:

① Completely cancel the film process and corresponding materials, greatly simplify the process flow, and significantly shorten the plate-making time;

② It can output printing plates of various formats to meet the requirements of the printing machine;

③ The printing plate can be accurately positioned during plate making to ensure the registration requirements of the printing plate;

④ High resolution, with output accuracy of 3000-5000dpi;

⑤ Can form 175 ~ 300lpi, 256-tone dots;

⑥ The plate-making speed is fast, and a printing plate can be made in a few minutes;

⑦ The overprinting accuracy of the four-color printing plate is good, which meets the printing requirements, and can prevent the moire phenomenon caused by the shape and angle of the dots;

⑧ With good operability, it can automatically convey, expose and develop automatically, to ensure the printing plate making is accurate;

⑨ Can produce good economic benefits.

Huida thermal CTP plates has the advantage of unbaking ,high sensitivity,perfect resolution,good stability,and long run length,it is the revolutionary printing plate,also is the best choice of medium and high-end printing customer..More information can get from our website:https://www.huidaoffsetplate.com

Product Type

Double Layer Thermal CTP Plate

Application Type

 without Baking for UV ink Printing

Plate Features

High sensitivity, Large developing latitude, Excellent Dot Reproduction, Super Long run length

Compatible Plate setter

Compatible with all the common thermal plate setter

Plate Thickness


Maximum Coil Width


Spectrum wave length


Exposure Energy


Developing Temperature


Developing Time



2 hours under white light


1-99% at 200lpi

Run Length

150000-250000(Normal lnk)

100000-200000(UV lnk)

(Actual run length may vary according to printing machine, ink, paper conditions)

Shelf Life

18 Months

Storage Conditions

The recommended storage conditions are 10-25℃,with 40%-60% humidity

Keep away from sunlight and humidity. Pack height no more than 1.5 meters