Analysis of Common Problems in Printing PS Plates


What is a printing plate

Printing in printing is also called exposure. There is a layer of drug film on the PS board. After exposure, it will undergo chemical changes and become a substance dissolved in a certain solution. Printing is to photocopy the pictures and texts on the film, sulfuric acid paper, and other carriers with high transparency, which are loaded with pictures and texts, onto the screen plate, PS plate, resin plate, and other materials coated with photosensitive materials through exposure. Work.

Matters needing attention before printing
1. Keep the printing glass of the printing machine clean, clean the glass with a clean soft cloth and glass cleaner, and remove the dirty spots on the glass of the printing machine, otherwise, it will affect the quality of the printing.
2. Keep the printing film clean and minimize the dirty spots on the printing film, otherwise, it will affect the printing quality.
3. Exposure time If the same light source is used for a long time, the light will age, and the light source must be updated in time.
Note: Choose the correct exposure time, do not overexpose to prevent the loss of small dots, and also prevent underexposure to prevent the layout from being dirty.

Factors Affecting Printing Quality
1. The printing machine and film should be clean;
2. The dot density should be high;
3. The dots should be clean and smooth, without blurring;
4. The photosensitive coating should be uniform and the thickness should be moderate;
5. The light source should be correct and reasonable;
6. Insufficient exposure will cause incomplete printing images, irregular image edges, pinholes in the film, and photosensitive adhesive flowing along the glued surface of the screen, which will affect the service life of the screen on the printing machine.


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