Changge Huida Photosensitive Material Co., Ltd.

Circular Development, Transformation And Innovation, Fine Management, Creating Brilliance

Changge Huida Photosensitive Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 with a registered capital of 36 million yuan and an investment scale of 170 million yuan. The address is located in Dazhou Industrial Cluster District, Changge City. The factory area is 103 mu, with 180 employees and complete supporting facilities. , superior operating environment and obvious regional advantages, it is a professional and large-scale printing plate manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production and comprehensive inspection.

The products produced and sold by the company include ordinary PS plate (conventional) and high-end CTP plate (UV-CTP, thermal-CTP) for printing. Among them, the performance of UV-CTP and heat-sensitive-CTP plates has reached international standards, and the domestic market share has reached 8%, and they are exported to more than a dozen countries such as Eastern Europe and ASEAN. Due to the right products and high quality, the company's production and sales are booming at present, and the supply of products is in short supply.

1. Technological innovation, product upgrading and transformation, and continuous improvement of the company's core competitiveness

The process of enterprise success and growth is a process of continuous innovation and continuous improvement. In the early days of the factory, the company independently developed 8m/min and 12m/min recycled plate production lines with mature and stable technology. The production scale became the largest recycled plate production base in China in 2010, making outstanding contributions to the development of local circular economy. In the face of honor, the company was not satisfied and stopped. According to the changes in market demand, it invested more than 40 million yuan and a lot of manpower. In 2012, 2013, and 2014, it added 18 m/min, 25 m/min, and double-coated 35 Three reel production lines per meter per minute, of which the double-coated 35m/min reel production line is at the top equipment level in the same industry in China, realizing product upgrading and enterprise transformation from single-fed production of recycled plates to reel production of high-end plates.

The company's current annual output can reach 20 million square meters, of which the mid-end UV-CTP products reach 8 million square meters per year, and the high-end thermal-CTP products reach 6 million square meters per year. The products have been recognized and praised by the market, and the market share is rapidly expanding at an annual growth rate of 20%. The upgrading of production equipment and the development and stable production of high-end products have enabled the company to have a strong driving force for large-scale development. After the project is fully put into production, it can reach an annual output of 30 million square meters, an output value of 600 million yuan, and a labor force of 300 people. It ranks among the top five in the domestic industry.

Independent innovation is the driving force of the company's development. The company attaches great importance to technological innovation, invests special funds and personnel, and established Xuchang High-performance Printing Plate Engineering Technology Research and Development Center in 2014. The center currently has 21 professional and technical personnel of various types, including 12 middle and senior professional and technical personnel. The center area is 350 square meters, the training site is 280 square meters, and it has more than 20 advanced professional research and development, testing and testing instruments and equipment. The value is nearly 3 million yuan.

At the same time, the center introduces high-end technical talents in the industry or cooperates with universities and colleges in production, learning and research to lay a technical foundation for the company's long-term development; more than 30 patent applications have been approved, and 19 have been approved; in 2014, the company was approved by Henan Province Science and Technology Small and medium-sized enterprises, innovative enterprises, and high-tech enterprises are actively declaring.

2. Introduce the organizational system management model to enhance team cohesion and execution

With the continuous development of enterprise scale, the company attaches great importance to the building of corporate culture and team execution. It has successively invested more than 1 million yuan in training expenses, and organized middle-level, grass-roots and high-level management personnel to go out for training. Through the training of "President Executive Storm", "Organizational System Management", "Management Iron Army" and other courses, according to the model of "Organizational System Management", combined with the company's more than ten years of cultural accumulation, the company's mission, vision, and management have been formed. Concept, work style, team concept, growth concept, execution concept and core values.
Has compiled and revised the company's strategic planning, organizational structure, job analysis table, management system, work process, performance appraisal, and continued training and operation. Make each work gradually modeled and streamlined, so that everything is managed, everyone has something to do, there is a process for doing things, there is an assessment for the position, and there is a standard for performance. Create a professional work team that achieves goals, implements systems, and achieves performance, so that corporate management can be transferred from individual capabilities to organizational capabilities, and extensive management can be upgraded to lean management. Through the establishment of the management foundation, the source of continuous profit and development of the enterprise will be created.

Regularly publish the "Voice of Huida" internal corporate newspaper, establish a company WeChat group, spread the company's management ideas, system concepts, and conference spirit, and publicize the positive energy of Huida people's unity, pragmatism, and continuous improvement in their work, and become a heart-to-heart connection between the company and employees It is also the main position for enterprises to publicize external public opinion. Formed a positive, hard-working and enterprising team atmosphere.

3. Create a beautiful factory environment, continuously improve employee salaries and benefits, and demonstrate corporate image and humanistic care

Since the establishment of the company, the company has insisted on paying employees' wages on time, never in arrears, and has continued to increase and improve wages; organize group travel, group dinners, cultural performances, holiday gifts and other employee benefits every year; build hotel-style apartments with independent Bathrooms, air conditioners, washing machines, basketball courts, activity rooms, workshops equipped with air conditioners, 6 "S" on-site management, and continuous improvement of the living and working environment of employees. The workforce is stable, with veteran employees accounting for 80%.

Propaganda slogans such as corporate culture, management system, and production safety can be seen everywhere in bulletin boards, workshops, office buildings, and apartment buildings. People can see them, remember them in their hearts, and implement them in actions, leading and motivating the behavior of every employee. Habits and value orientation. Today, Huida's corporate culture is well known to everyone, the factory environment is becoming more and more beautiful, the behavior of employees is becoming more and more standardized, and the environmental construction has been further sublimated. The warm, harmonious and ecological atmosphere brings all employees together tightly, stimulates and mobilizes the enthusiasm and creativity of the majority of employees, and lays a solid foundation for promoting the sustainable development of the company.

4. Integrity management, build a good social reputation

While developing itself, the company pays attention to industry self-discipline and social responsibility, and always adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, pragmatism", "mutual assistance, and win-win". Abide by local laws and regulations, actively support local pension projects, build roads and bridges, and subsidize college students and other social undertakings; pay attention to environmental protection, and invest more than 5 million yuan in the environmental protection treatment project of production waste liquid, which can achieve the self-circulation treatment capacity of production waste water, through environmental protection Departmental EIA Acceptance.

The company actively pays taxes, and has been a large taxpayer in the printing plate industry in Xuchang in recent years; the company has successively won honors and titles such as an honest business unit, a large taxpayer, a contract-abiding and trustworthy enterprise, and a bank 5A credit customer. The commendation by the township and town governments, the interview by Changge TV Station and Henan TV Station, the inspection by provincial and municipal leaders and the visit of the same industry units have achieved good economic and social benefits.

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