Features of Thermal CTP Plates


CTP plate-making technology is divided into photosensitive CTP plate-making technology and heat-sensitive CTP plate-making technology. Among them, the photosensitive system CTP plate includes a silver salt diffusion plate, high-sensitivity resin plate, and silver salt/PS plate composite plate; the thermal system CTP plate includes thermal crosslinking plate, thermal ablation plate Thermal transfer plate, etc.
Thermal CTP plate-making technology is currently the most mature, stable, and effective plate-making technology

Features of Thermal CTP Plates

① Thermal CTP plates have low sensitivity to natural light and use infrared laser exposure, so they can be operated under bright room conditions.

② Thermal plates must reach the initial thermal energy threshold in order to generate images, and thermal energy higher than the initial threshold will not change the shape of dots. It is the only technology that can control predictable results. The plate can be extended to 6 months before developing, which will not have the slightest impact on the quality of the plate.

③ The dot reproducibility of the heat-sensitive plate is good, the resolution is high and the edge of the dot is sharp and clear, it is easy to achieve the balance of water and ink during printing, and it has good printing suitability, and the printing life of the baked plate can reach 1 million impressions above.


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