Catalog Print

How to Create a Catalog Print

People of all ages love printed catalogs. That's why catalog printing is still so popular for businesses in a huge number of industries.

With a well-designed catalog, you can provide your customers with valuable information about your products, services, and your business. Plus, you'll establish trust and seem more professional every time a customer encounters your catalog.

Catalog printing may be a big undertaking, but with this helpful guide, you can create an exceptional catalog for your business.

Simple & Consistent Catalog Printing Design

Make sure your design is consistent throughout before you send it to print. Keeping all of your design components as straightforward as possible is the simplest method to guarantee this. It's not a good idea to divert your customers with overly dazzling design features when publishing catalogs.

The best course of action is to follow these guidelines:

  • Vibrant graphics and colors that are consistent with your branding.
  • Easy-to-read font sizes, colors, and styles
  • Never have too much or too little room on a page; always use white space to your advantage.
  • Removing extraneous components.
  • Being aware of the size of the finished product.
  • High-definition pictures.
  • Preserving a consistent "feel" throughout the entire document.

Simple & Consistent Design with Small Details

Making your catalog enjoyable for your readers is a terrific method to perfect catalog design. It becomes more remembered when you include little, intriguing details that surprise readers. Your marketing department should be able to come up with a few excellent additions that will work well. Some of these might consist of:

  • Information that is useful, such as ingredient lists and recipes (if you work in the food sector).
  • Discounts, letters of gratitude, or other personalized messages.
  • For youngsters, in particular, interactive components like quizzes, coloring activities, or cartoons.

That list is by no means complete. Your printed catalog may contain a TON of amusing, little elements, depending on your particular industry, that will entice your buyers to go through it again and again.

Wonderful Organization

Never create a catalog that is difficult to navigate. The very last thing you want is for your clients to be unable to comprehend your offerings in terms of goods, services, and pricing. Therefore, you should always include the following information:

  • Simple to understand. To help people find the information they require, you should lead them from page to page.
  • Centered on specialized knowledge that aids in your goal-achieving.
  • Arranged according to headings, subheadings, and pictures.
  • Without adding too much information, and clear and straightforward. Just add more pages, don't overload them!
  • Without cramming every page with text, the language is concise and specific.
  • Interesting and lovely. You won't convert many sales if you boring them after one page.

Printing a Catalog with Proper Messaging

Every component of your printed catalog should have just one job: to communicate your unique message. For the majority of companies, this message sounds something like this: "Our goods and services are excellent and reasonably priced. You can locate them here! Additionally, you can use QR codes to direct them to websites that can strengthen your message.

Make sure everything in your catalog contributes to achieving this objective. Otherwise, throw away anything that doesn't work.

Want to know more about printing your project? We at HUIDA like working together with companies of all sizes to support them with their printed catalogs. To find out more, get in touch with a member of our staff right away!