Plate making and development issues with CTP plates

The following common problems will occur with CTP plates after plate making and development, including scanning lines, bluing of blank parts, uneven flat screens, inaccurate solid parts, etc.

①For "scan lines", the causes and solutions.

There is a problem with the plate-making equipment. The equipment has static electricity and laser head problems, which cause scanning lines. Please ask the plate-making machine engineer to debug the equipment.

During the plate-making process, inaccurate focus or poor exposure will also cause scanning lines, and the equipment can be readjusted.

During the development process, insufficient development can be solved by adjusting the development parameters.

②For "blank part turns blue", the causes and solutions.

During the plate-making process, if the exposure is insufficient, re-do the exposure test and increase the exposure value.

During the development process, if the development is insufficient, you can strengthen the development, adjust the development parameters, and check whether there is flushing water entering the development tank.

During the gluing process, if the protective glue is contaminated or expired, replace it with the protective glue suitable for the board.

③ For "uneven flat network", the causes and solutions.

During the plate-making process, the plate-making parameters are inaccurate, the drum surface of the plate-making machine is uneven or has dirty spots, the vacuum of the plate-making machine is not good, and the plate adsorption is not tight, which can be solved by adjusting the plate-making machine.

During the development process, if the development is uneven, check the circulation system and transmission system of the development equipment, and adjust the development parameters.

Plate material problems, uneven coating, and uneven plate bases improve the production process.

④For "the actual part is not true", the reasons and solutions.

Excessive development. The loss after the development of the solid part should not exceed 10%. Adjust the development parameters.

Today, with the popularization of CTP technology, only by strengthening the training of relevant technical personnel and correctly and timely handling various problems during use can its value be more fully reflected. It is hoped that the above analysis can play a certain role.

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