Precautions for using the CTP Plate

When using CTP plates, they need to be stored properly, and attention should be paid to the temperature and humidity of the indoor storage place and whether the supports are flat. "Plate making" is also a very important link.

From the previous article, we have known one of the technical advantages of CTP plate making, that is, easy operation, especially when washing plates. When choosing a plate-making machine, pay attention to the hardness and density of the brush, because there is a layer of black film instead of film on the CTP plate, and a suitable brush must be used to completely clean the black film without causing printing. The problem. Next, in terms of plate-making conditions, the exposure time is shorter than that of the traditional plate, and it is not easy to overexpose, resulting in network congestion.

Generally speaking, as long as you choose the right plate washer, you don’t need to go through lengthy professional training and only need to match the correct operation process, the finished product can reach a satisfactory level. On the contrary, if you do not pay attention to the plate-washing process, its effect may not be obvious. For this reason, Guangzhou Shangan Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a plate-making machine that can fully utilize the characteristics of CTP plates by using years of accumulated industry experience and the latest product information provided by original manufacturers in various countries.


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