Solve the following 5 elements, and buy CTP sheets without stepping on the pit!

CTP plates have irreplaceable advantages in the process of printing and packaging, so their share in the printing industry is increasing day by day, so how should we choose cost-effective and suitable ones from a wide variety of CTP plates on the market? Woolen cloth?

①Dot reproduction
Dots are the basis for printing and reproducing graphic information, and the quality of the dots on the printing plate will directly affect the quality of the dots on the printed matter. Therefore, the first step to control the dots well is to choose a plate with good dot reproducibility.

② Line reproduction
Line reproduction is the same as dot reproduction, which is the specific embodiment of plate resolution testing in printing. Due to the difference between the line screening algorithm and the dot screening algorithm, the dot highlights the optical characteristics of a specific area, while the line highlights the smoothness of the edge. Therefore, although the resolution is also tested, it is also necessary to test the line reproduction.

③Ink affinity and wetting properties
The imaging condition of the plate is also very important. However, the plate is ultimately used for printing, and the printability of the plate is also a very important aspect. In printing, water and ink are the most closely related to the printing plate. The ink affinity of the printing plate and the wetting performance of the printing plate directly affect the balance of water and ink in printing and then affect the quality of printing.

④ bottom ash
Bottom ash is caused by improper processing of the aluminum base in production, especially in the winding and winding parts of the aluminum base production. Usually, the bottom dust can be removed by reasonably controlling the development and exposure time, but the bottom dust should be removed without affecting the quality of the graphics and text. Require.

⑤ Sensitivity
Sensitivity refers to the requirement of the CTP plate for the energy of the exposure light source. This indicator is especially important for heat-sensitive CTP plates, because the laser light source of computer-to-plate-making machines is expensive and difficult to replace, so it is necessary to extend the service life of the light source as much as possible. The use of plates with higher sensitivity requires higher power when the laser is working, which accelerates the aging of the laser. At the same time, due to the high energy requirements of the exposure of the plate, the laser is more likely to attenuate, further shortening the service life. Therefore, the lower the sensitivity, the better.

The quality of the CTP plate will directly affect the quality of the printed product, so only by choosing the right CTP plate, the product quality can be guaranteed.


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