Technical advantages of CTP

1. 1% fine dots. Compared with the traditional version, the uniformity and reproducibility of the flat screen of the CTP version are improved, especially in the details, such as human skin, which can be displayed more delicately, even comparable to offset printing, and 1% fine dots can be clearly displayed, which can be said to be a leap forward in embossing technology.

2. The outlets are stable. The dot size of traditional plate-making will be different for each plate-making due to the different film or vacuum suction. This has become a technical bottleneck that cannot be broken through for a long time, which means that each plate-making needs to rely on experienced technicians to continuously adjust To maintain stable quality. In contrast, the CTP version is stably controlled by the laser engraving machine, the dot size is stable and uniform each time, and the quality control is easy and simple.

3. Save plate materials. In the traditional plate-making process, generally speaking, the plate must be slightly larger than the film to make the plate smoothly, but in the end, it is still necessary to cut off the part of the plate that is larger than the film, which invisibly causes waste of the plate. But if you use the CTP version, there is no such wasteful problem at all.

4. Simplify the plate-making process and save costs. As we have mentioned before, CTP plate making does not require film and laser imaging is used to replace vacuum suction. On the surface, it seems that only one step is reduced, but in fact, we all know that the steps of vacuum suction are complicated and prone to wind and dirt. Once there is a problem in this step if it is not found in time, it will cause a waste of the entire printing process, including a huge waste of ink, paper, machine time, labor costs, and machine downtime. Even if it can be found in time, it needs to be re-plated, wasting resources. However, CTP plate-making simplifies this most controversial step and develops it into a standardized plate-making process, so that mistakes in plate-making are relatively reduced, and the cost of manual film management is saved, which greatly saves costs.

5. Stable printing quality. In recent years, Guangzhou Shangan Co., Ltd. has continuously promoted CTP plate-making technology. In addition to the simple operation of CTP plate-making, another very important reason is the stable quality. If used together with the ESKO CDI laser engraving machine, a whole set of plates can be printed at one time, and the quality will not be affected even if it is reprinted; this is the biggest difference from traditional plate making. If the printing durability of the CTP version is compared with the traditional version, the printing durability of the CTP version has increased by more than 20% compared with the traditional version.

To sum up, CTP plate-making technology not only greatly reduces the expenditure of various costs, but also surpasses the quality of traditional plate printing in the past, and has become the best choice for printing companies to improve printing technology.


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