Technical characteristics of CTCP

CTcP is the English abbreviation of ComputerToConventionalPlate, which refers to the computer-to-plate making on the traditional Ps plate, which is a form of realization of the CTP process, but the pre-press process and printing on the machine do not need to be changed, and the basic principles of traditional ultraviolet light printing are used. The imaging principle and the light source are basically unchanged. The only requirement is to configure the UV-Setter in the system. Most offset printing plates can be exposed and imaged with the UV-Setter. It just replaces the film with a digital micromirror and replaces the one-time imaging of the entire format with a step-by-step seamless splicing area exposure method. It not only has the high quality and high efficiency of CTP, but also retains the characteristics of easy operation and stable performance of traditional plates when printed on the machine.


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