Technical characteristics of CTP

The main features of CTP are as follows:

① Completely cancel the film process and corresponding materials, greatly simplify the process flow, and significantly shorten the plate-making time;

②It can output printing plates of various formats to meet the requirements of printing machines;

③ The printing plate can be accurately positioned during plate making to ensure the registration requirements of the printing plate;

④ High resolution, with an output precision of 3000-5000 dpi;

⑤ Can form 175~300lpi, 256-tone dots;

⑥ The plate-making speed is fast, and a printing plate can be made within a few minutes;

⑦ The four-color printing plate has good overprint accuracy, meets printing requirements, and can prevent moiré caused by dot shape and angle;

⑧It has good operability, can be automatically transported, automatically exposed, and automatically developed to ensure accurate printing plate production;

⑨Can produce good economic benefits.


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