The Composition of Positive Thermal CTP Plate Photosensitive Layer

The Composition of Positive Thermal CTP Plate Photosensitive Layer

A positive Thermal CTP plate is coated with a layer of light layer on the aluminum base after processing. The main components of the sensor are membrane tree lipids, infrared absorbing dyes, light heat-producing acid sources, soluble/promoting solvents, surface active agents, etc. The requirements of each component are as follows.

(1) Mask resin

The molecular weight of the film resin should be appropriate. If there is too much cross-linking activity in its structure and the molecular weight is too large, the vessels will be difficult to see; too low molecular weight will cause poor wear resistance. Therefore, the film-forming resin is often used for alkaline-soluble resin, generally linear phenolic resin or acrylic polymer.

(2) Infrared absorption dye

Infrared suction dyes are used to suck the infrared light source, which is also an important part of the sensitivity. It must have a large absorption performance. At present, most of the infrared laser light sources often use are IR. LD (830nm) and YAG (1064rim), the selected infrared absorption dyes should be adapted to these light sources.

(3) Light heat-producing acid source

The sources of light thermal acidic acid are a substance that can promote the decomposition of the sensor after the light energy is converted into thermal energy. Quality generally uses its maximum absorption peak to match the light source and has good solubility and stability, such as two phenyl iodine salt, triabenzylite salt, trichlorolyzinezide compound, ester ring, ester ring Multi -alcohol sulfonate compounds.

(4) Obstapping / solvents

Obstacles / promoting solvents play an important role in an exposure. When the genre exposure is not exposed, the hydrogen bonds of the hydroxyl group in the solubility / promoting solvent are forming a hydrogen bond. Stability. After exposure, the infrared absorption dye transforms laser light into thermal energy in an instant. The thermal energy can cause a large amount of mass acid to produce a large amount of mass acid, which makes the dissolved/promoting solvent. The hydroxyl group in the resin is released, making the exposure area easily dissolved in the display solution, thereby improving the appearance speed and imaging performance of the layout.

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