The contribution of Positive Thermal CTP Plate to the development of offset printing equipment

The contribution of Positive Thermal CTP Plate to the development of offset printing equipment

Because the characteristics of the Positive Thermal CTP plate are that the temperature of the heat-sensing layer will be changed, and the outlets formed are more realistic, it is not easy to produce the phenomenon of marginal deficiency. From the change of PS layout to CTP version, the Positive Thermal CTP plate has a convenient transfer threshold, both in the production and users of the layout.

In addition, the subsequent development of the Positive Thermal CTP plate has a large number of empty questions. A large number of free processing versions will usher in the era of not using any chemical reagents to complete the entire version of the process, so as to achieve a true sense of Environmental protection. Not only that, in the current production of plastic printing, the phenomenon of increasing phenomena caused by the liquid is inevitable. If waterless plastic printing technology is used, the printing outlets can have better quality, and the thermal CTP version of the Yang map can be used. It is easier to achieve waterless plastic marks.

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