The difference between Positive CTCP plate and violet plate

Plate is an important part of product production, and the use and maintenance of plate is also very important. It can directly affect the product effect and quality, so the correct specification plate must be used to ensure the processing quality. At present, there are two types of mainstream electronic component plates in the market: one is laser printing plate; the other is positive picture CTCP plate. The two versions have their own characteristics, so what is the difference between the two?


  1. Printing method


Laser printing plate: It is a way of irradiating an object with a beam of light to print the object on the ink layer. This method is suitable for small-area color printing as well as large-area color printing. It is a method of printing plates by irradiating a blue laser of a certain wavelength.


  1. Material Type


Both materials are inorganic materials. The material of the purple laser version is a high-purity ultraviolet light source, which can meet the requirements of continuous production for a long time. UV light can work continuously for more than 24 hours at high temperature. The material has good light transmittance and low power consumption, and is an ideal material for printing and processing. Yangtu CTCP plate material is an ordinary high-purity ultraviolet light source laser printing plate; its advantages are that it better retains the unique and stable performance of the laser equipment itself, and has good light transmittance, high output, and low power consumption. .


  1. Scope of use


Laser printing plate: various printing plates used for printing enterprise products. The production technical conditions of the two plates are exactly the same.


  1. Printing speed


Both versions are printed in 24 hours according to process requirements. The printing speed of the violet laser plate is the fastest, but as the machine speed increases, the thickness of the paper will increase accordingly. Usually, the faster the printing speed, the better.


  1. Environmentally friendly


Due to the environmental protection of the PCB plate itself, formaldehyde and benzene compounds in the PCB plate are usually limited to be stable in the environment. Therefore, it should not be considered as an environmentally unfriendly material. In fact, this is related to the development trend of PCB technology. Although many electronic products have adopted PCB at present, because the use of materials in PCB production is determined according to the principle of different occasions, these chemicals are generally not used in PCB plates. In addition, PCB needs to use a lot of solvents, which will increase the cost of the PCB factory.