What is the printing CTP plate?

What kind of aluminum is the printing CTP plate? The quality indicators of the CTP version and the traditional PS aluminum substrate can be divided into explicit indicators and implicit indicators. The explicit indicators can be understood as indicators that are clear, universal, and can be clearly expressed in the form of technical standards and agreements. The hidden indicators need to be customized according to the characteristics of different printing plate production lines by each aluminum base material production enterprise, in cooperation with the technical personnel of the printing plate enterprise.

From the perspective of dominant indicators, the aluminum base material for PS has been promulgated several editions of industry standards by the National Nonferrous Standardization Technical Committee, and the technical quality indicators have been continuously improved and improved, which has relatively good operability, while the aluminum base material technology for CTP The quality index is only involved in the forthcoming "Aluminum Strip for Printing Plate Base", and a lot of research and summary work is needed to improve its operability. According to the current research results, by comparing with the quality indicators of aluminum substrates for PS, the quality requirements of aluminum substrates for CTP are put forward in quantitative indicators and conceptual indicators.

Let's take a look at the quantitative index requirements for CTP aluminum substrates:
The quantitative indicators of aluminum substrates for CTP and PS mainly include the chemical composition of aluminum substrates, shape and dimensional accuracy, mechanical properties at room temperature, unevenness, and surface roughness.
Taking a closer look at the chemical composition, the alloys used in the domestic CTP version are mainly 1050, 1060, 1070, and self-made alloy grades after adjusting trace elements on this basis, such as 1052, etc., which are alloyed with the aluminum base material used in the PS version. The grades are the same.


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